50s Costume for Couples

Couples both young and old do not want to be left out of the Halloween celebration. 

Halloween is a perfect time to connect with your partner. If you intend to dress like couples from the 50s, these 50s costumes are the best you can find for you and your lover.

The ideas for this couple’s outfit are gotten from the 50s entertainment shows like animations, movies, and music.

Listed below are the 50 costumes.

Lucy and Ricky

One of the audience’s favorite TV characters from the 50s was Lucy and Ricky. These characters are from the popular TV sitcom I Love Lucy. Do you want to recreate this fan’s favorite classic look? This costume is perfect for you and your lover.

Johnny and June

For couples who love country music, you can adopt the looks of popular Singer/songwriter Johnny Cash and that of his lovely wife June.

To look like Johnny, wear an all-black suit and black footwear. For a lady dressing up like June is easy. To create the perfect look, the man should carry a guitar along.

Milkman and Cookies

As couples, you can bring back memories from the past by wearing this awesome costume. The guy will wear the milkman while the lady wears the chocolate cookies costume. You guys will be looking like a piece of breakfast when you get to the party.

Milkshake and Soda Jerk

You will win the hearts of others if you and your sweetheart wear this 50s inspired costume. The man wears the soda-jerk Costume while the lady wears the milkshake costume. You can also interchange the woman can dress like a soda Jerk while the man puts on the milkshake Costume.

Sandy and Danny from Grease

Although the movie was released in 1978. The event took place in the 50s. You can dress like these two main characters from Grease for Halloween.

Debbie Reynolds and Gene Kelly

The costume’s inspiration was gotten from the popular 1950s movie Singin’ in the rain.

For the man, you wear a gray suit vest and gray trousers. While the lady wears a blue gown.

Peter Pan and TinkerBell Costume

A popular animation in the 1950s, a lot of people loved and enjoyed it. The man dresses like Peter Pan while the lady dresses up like Peter Pan’s close companion Tinkerbell.


This 50s costume doesn’t require much from you and your partner. What you both need is a red, white Duds and a cute mouse ear for both of you.

One thing is certain when you pick any of these costumes and wear them for Halloween, you will most likely stand out from the others and you will be the center of attraction.