Couple Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Couple Costumes Ideas for Halloween

Whether it is a costume party or Halloween party, there are tons of couple costumes ideas to choose from. Once you put some creative ideas into it coupled with a little planning, you will come up with stunning costumes that will get heads turning. Keep reading to find some great ideas on couple costumes.

Cheerleading Costume

Think of the Spartan cheerleaders costume, just as the one you’ve probably seen on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ If you already have an old costume, you can do some little sprucing on it such as putting a banner across the chest with an inscription in red letters that read “Spartan.” Put on a black sweatshirt or sweater on a white skirt (for the female) or on a red sweatpants (for the guy). Add fun to it by grabbing a blow-horn and pom-poms constructed from a cardboard.

Sonny & Cher

Consider Sonny and Cher for couple costumes this Halloween. A great tip for this Halloween or costume party is to sport  flowing vests and bell bottoms, integrating a lengthy dark wig for Cher and thick mustache for Sonny will enhance the peace and love of Sonny and Cher. A good place to find 1970 styles is your local Good will store. You can also shop online.

Superhero Couple Costumes

If you’ve ever both dreamed of becoming superhero, this Halloween provides a great opportunity to do so. Both of you should identify your favorite hero and dress up that way for a Halloween or costume party. Some possibilities to choose from include Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, The Flash and many more.

Celebrity & Paparazzi

Playing the movie star role with couples costumes requires dressing up in a fashionable manner – consider wearing suit (for the guy) and nice dress (for the female). The guy should consider slicked-back hair style, and the couple should wear shade.

Ball and Chain

If you are thinking of a couple costumes that would make people groan and giggle in admiration, consider a ball and a chain. If your relationship has been on for a while or if you are getting ready to get married, this costume idea will work better. One of the couple would go as the chain using a cuff-like belt and a large plastic chain that looks comical. The counterpart should dress as the ball, integrating a spherical body covering that has spikes.

Pumpkin Pi

Need a last-minute easy couple costumes? Consider going as pumpkin pi. One of you should dress up like pumpkin, a manufactured costume would do,¬† or an orange clothing matched with green hair bow or hat. Also, the person can complement the look with jack-o’- lantern painted onto the face. The other partner can choose to dress simple or elaborate.

There are other couple costumes ideas you can experiment with.

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